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Enter the Shroud: Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove

Lirana Greenleaf Artwork
Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove

From a young age, Lirana displayed an innate connection with the life-giving essence of water. Her fur, the color of fiery sunsets, seemed to shimmer with the fluidity of the rivers she cherished. As she matured, Lirana's mastery over water magic blossomed into an unparalleled skill in the art of healing. She could coax life from barren soil, weaving intricate patterns of moisture to nurture the growth of plants and herbs with a mere flick of her paw. Through her gentle touch and whispered incantations wounds closed, ailments faded, and vitality surged anew within those who sought her aid. Her compassionate nature endeared her to all, be it the Ailur Ayiani or creatures of the forest alike.


In the heat of battle, Lirana stands as a stalwart guardian, her presence inspiring courage in those who falter and fortitude in those who waver. With each life she saves and each ally she bolsters her legend grows, rightfully earning her the name Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove.

Lirana Greenleaf and manifestation

Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove on the tabletop

Lirana is a potent support character model in the Chosen of the Spirit Tree Faction. While none of her abilities will turn the tide of battle with one fell swoop, her entire kit is exemplary of the proverb “constant dripping wears away the stone”.

Lirana Greenleaf unit card
Lirana Greenleaf is a potent support unit for every Chosen of the Spirit Tree army

Her healing abilities synergize strongly with the larger pool of hitpoints of all Ailur units and are especially potent when removing damage points from other character models. At the same time she can mitigate damage spikes with “Essence Barrier” and keep key units in the fight, so that she can heal them back up again.


With “Wrath of the Spirit Tree” Lirana can place a manifestation that makes a significant part of the battlefield treacherous to move through. The area around the manifestation counts as forest terrain, so it blocks line of sight for enemy ranged and arcane attacks and the area even damages models without the passive ability “Pathfinder (Forest)”.


Last but not least, Lirana has seen her fair share of combat herself. For sure, she is not a front line fighter, but in a pinch she can throw out one or the other point of damage in medium range with her “Water Blade” arcane attack.


Synergy tip

Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove concept art
Concept art of Lirana Greenleaf, the Whispering Grove

Lirana loves to support all Ailur units, but none more than the Serene Sentinels. Each Serene Sentinel model has 5 hit points and with their active essence ability “Shared Burden” it will take some time for one of them to be removed from the table. This provides Lirana with ample time to heal them back up when damaged. By combining Lirana’s reactive essence ability “Essence Barrier” with the Serene Sentinel’s reactive essence ability “Redirect Force” you can effectively reduce any attack damage to 0 (as long as you have the Essence to spare, of course).



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