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The Silver Line

In the tumultuous age after the first Rupture, ‬the‭ ‬Silver Line‭, ‬once a representatory guard and symbol of the Shroud’s protection‭, ‬finds itself facing unprecedented challenges‭. ‬Tasked with not only maintaining peace within the human kingdom of Astira but also with gathering more essence crystals to sustain the weakening Shroud‭, ‬the Silver Line shoulders a heavy burden‭. ‬They must adapt to the changing circumstances and confront new threats that have arisen since the first rupture of the Shroud‭.‬


At the heart of the Silver Line's strength lies their innovative use of essence technology. Integrated the latest advancements in essence technology into their weaponry and armor, the glint of their arms reflects not just steel but the brilliance of essence-infused craftsmanship. These advancements have granted them a significant edge on the battlefield, making the Silver Line a force to be reckoned with.

Despite their dominance in strategic excellence and technological prowess, the Silver Line distinguishes itself by maintaining a comparatively lean force. While other factions may boast larger numbers, the Silver Line's focus on quality over quantity has allowed them to equip each of their troops with superior gear.

Silver Line Essence Weavers

Count Wealton Adamant, the Third
 Count Adamant Wealton, the Third
Major Byron Kildare
Major Byron Kildare
Master of the Armoury
Work in Progress
3rd Essence Weaver to be announced

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