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The Game

Shroudfall is a tabletop game that is focused on providing an exciting skirmish level battle experience. Players take control of warbands that compete for land, rare resources and most of all for Essence crystals. These warbands or often led by infamous Essence Weavers, leaders with arcane abilities special even among the gifted.

On the tabletop, gameplay is all about balancing your long term strategy with the ability to adapt to the everchanging situation on the battlefield. Essence can enable your units to achieve unimaginable feats and win fights thought impossible, but it can also lose you the battle if spent unwisely and short-sighted. 

Every decision on the tabletop has consequences in Shroudfall ...


To create an engaging and challenging tabletop experience‭, ‬Shroudfall employs the core concept of alternating activations‭. ‬This‭ ‬means players have to carefully evaluate which unit to activate next‭, ‬while also creating constant action for players‭. ‬Shroudfall gameplay is all about adaptability and players will need to carefully balance their strategy with their opponents’‭ ‬actions on the table‭. ‬

The Shroudfall game experience is enhanced by the resource system of Shroudfall‭ ‬–‭ ‬Essence‭. ‬Essence is the primary source of magic within Shroudfall and throughout the game you will have to manage this precious‭ ‬resource‭. ‬Every unit creates Essence for your entire army which then enables you to use powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favour‭. ‬You have to carefully balance which abilities to use‭, ‬and when and where to rather save Essence.



In Shroudfall the scenarios you play on the table are defined by the scenario both players included in their army lists. Armies most often set out with clear missions, but sometimes chance strikes and they find themselves in situations that require adaptability on the battlefield. Therefore the scenario are part of each player army list, creating an unexpected combination of scenarios each game.

Armies try to outmanoeuvre their enemies and aim to engage on battlefields beneficial to them. Therefore also the terrain on the tabletop is defined by both players’ army list. The battlefield is created directly before a game, with both players trying to create the optimal terrain for their armies. 


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