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Miniature and Resin Guide

All Shroudfall miniatures are produced by 3d printing, using a high quality resin that provides high bendiness as well as resistance to the occasional fall from a table during a game. Resin is an excellent material for high quality miniatures as it allows for more details than the average plastic or metal model. However, resin can be a bit different to work with if you are new to the hobby or a veteran who is used to handling plastic or metal models. This page provides you with all information on how to work with resin miniatures.

The summary for busy hobbyists

  • We use a high quality resin that provides a great combination of flexibility and durability

  • You usually don’t need to wash our models before gluing or painting them.

  • When you receive our models, some supports may still be attached to it. Remove them using a sharp hobby knife.

  • For all our resin models, super glue should be used for assembly.

  • Always apply primer before painting your models to improve paint adhesion.

Material properties

Our high-quality resin provides a great combination of flexibility and durability. It is easy to work with, but still: Be careful when working on it with sharp tools. Resin is not as strong as injection molded plastic or metal. Always treat, store and transport your miniatures carefully. They will perform better in battle if you’re kind to them.

Resin softens when exposed to heat. In our miniature design process we take this into account as much as possible, still you need to be careful to not leave your miniatures in hot areas for a longer period, for example your car on a hot summer day. If your miniature should get bent a bit, not to worry ;) After a few minutes in a hot water bath you can bend and shape the more flexible components and return them to their original position.

Preparing resin models for assembly

You don’t need to wash our models before working with them. Still, a model may feel slightly sticky when working with it. This is not dangerous and can be lessened by washing the model and letting it dry completely. A model may have small areas that reflect the light stronger than the surrounding area. This sometimes occurs in the post processing process. Shiny spots are not harmful and do not impact paint adhesion.

When you receive our models, some supports may still be attached to it. Sometimes you will find remainders of supports that need to be removed: We recommend using a sharp hobby knife. Always cut away from your body, work in a well ventilated area and use a protective mask when working with resin.

After removing all supports, test if all model parts fit together. Resin is a flexible material and therefore slight gaps may appear when fitting the model. These can be filled using hobby materials like green stuff.

Gluing resin models

Even though resin is a type of plastic, normal plastic glues don’t work well when gluing resin pieces together. For assembling for our resin models, super glue should be used. Alternatively, if you want a stronger bond, you can also work with an epoxy glue for larger and heavier parts. Always make sure to work in a properly ventilated area when using glues.

Tips for easy gluing:

  • For a strong bond, the surfaces being glued should be as clean and level as possible. Wipe the area before gluing to remove grease marks.

  • Completely flat surfaces make it harder for parts to adhere to each other. Slightly sand it or scratch the surface to be glued with a hobby knife on both sides. Always wear a protective mask when sanding or sawing resin. Resin dust can be harmful if inhaled.

  • Adding baking soda to your super glue creates a faster setting and curing time. Baking soda can also strengthen the bond between the parts.


Resin models can be painted just like plastic or metal miniatures. We recommend: Always use a primer before painting your models. This will improve paint adhesion! Paint may not stick well without a primer, leading to poor coverage and flaking or chipping over time. The Primer also creates a uniform surface over the miniature. This uniformity ensures that the paint applies evenly across different areas of the miniature.


Shroudfall models do not need to be washed before applying a primer and standard hobby primers will work well on our resin. 


If you have any further questions regarding our models and working with resin models in general, contact us via:

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