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The Umbral Veil

In the years after the first rupture and in the absence of their only known god‭, ‬a religious movement, questioning the Shroud itself, quickly gained in popularity‭. ‬Believing that the weakening of the Shroud was a sign from the divine‭, ‬a consequence of the world’s imbalance caused by the excesses and corruption of the wealthy elite‭. As the divide between the rich and poor widened more and more a militant group started forming, with the singular goal of toppling the established ruling class and introducing a new order. Thus the Umbral Veil was born, a loose group led by militant alchemists that weaponized and twisted their alchemic knowledge of essence to create horrifying monstrosities.

The Umbral Veil’s rise brings with it a clash of ideologies and a struggle for power‭. ‬The established order‭, ‬represented by the affluent and influential‭, increasingly ‬view the Umbral Veil as a real threat to their power and start surpressing the poor masses even more‭. ‬At the same time these acts force even more people into the ranks of the Umbral Veil, with many ending as monstrous creations to fuel the engine of revolution.


The Umbral Veil play style is heavily built around the synergies between the units of alchemists as well as their creations, the monstrosities. These alchemic abominations are an unnatural blend of essence magic and technology, turning ordinary humans into hulking behemoths that tower over a normal man. Still the process takes a toll on their mind and most of them are not more than simple brutes once they are released from the underground laboratories.

On the battlefield they can follow simple instructions, but their capabilities are severely limited without their masters carefully guiding them towards their enemies. With a variety of alchemical concoctions, the alchemists can briefly enhance their physical performance even further. Their greatest strength is at the same time their greatest weakness. Monstrosities separated from their masters are mindless monster, easily outsmarted by their enemies. Granted nearly three Meter tall mindless monsters, so maybe don’t approach them alone …

Umbral Veil Essence Weavers

Dr. Victoria Benedicte, Disgraced Scientist
The Hidden Marquis
3rd Essence Weaver to be announced


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