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The Chosen of the
Spirit Tree

The origins of the Ailur‭, ‬a race of strong and stoic giant pandas‭, ‬and Aiyani‭ ,‬nimble and fiery red pandas‭, ‬can be traced back to ancient times‭. ‬Due to their vastly different natures‭, ‬both races were at odds with each other for as long as any member of both of their races could remember‭. ‬But their common history would change drastically once the Spirit Tree was discovered at the very heart of the Forest of Souls‭. ‬This‭ ‬giant tree‭, ‬said to be created by the Spirit of Nature itself‭, ‬formed a deep connection with both races and intuitively‭, ‬understanding their very nature and with time formed them into the common society known today as‭ ‬the Ailur Aiyani‭. ‬

Since then the Spirit Tree has guided the Ailur Aiyani over countless generations and a profound bond was forged between both races and this mystical spirit of nature‭. ‬At the same time they repay this divine guidance with reverence and by serving as the unwavering guardians of the Spirit Tree and nature itself‭. ‬For the Ailur and Aiyani the Spirit Tree represents the physical manifestation of their god and the religious center for their religion‭. ‬Some even say that the tree is the link between the realms of‭ ‬spirits and mortals‭.‬

Chosen of the Spirit Tree Brewmaster


On the battlefield the Chosen of the Spirit Tree are defined by duality. While the Ailur embody the essence of slow and deliberate tenacity as well as martial prowess, the Aiyani are nimble and wield powerful elemental magic, manipulate the battlefield and disrupting your opponents army. 

This playstyle is even further enhanced by the intrinsic faction mechanic of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. Each unit type either follows the philosophy of Discord or Harmony.  Successfully mastering the ebb and flow between Discord and Harmony allows players to harness the full potential of this faction, creating a formidable force on the battlefield that adapts to any challenge with resilience, magical finesse, and a captivating dance between two contrasting styles.

Chosen of the Spirit Tree
Essence Weavers

First Servant of the Spirit Tree
First Servant of the
Spirit Tree
Nekari, Supreme Elementalist
Nekari, Supreme Elementalist
Work in progresss
3rd Essence Weaver to be announced


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