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The world of Shroudfall

The sacrifice

Thousands of years ago Aethramor sacrificed his very essence‭, ‬becoming the eternal Shroud‭, ‬an arcane shield‭, ‬protecting all of Astira‭, ‬the last remaining human kingdom‭, ‬until this very day‭. ‬Thanks to this very sacrifice humankind was able to thrive under the protection of their newfound protector‭, ‬finding a new god in the Shroud itself‭. ‬

Never faltering‭, ‬never showing the slightest weakness‭, ‬the Shroud has stood as an unwavering protector and shield against the horrors of the Beyond for untold time‭. ‬And the people of Astira are grateful to their protector‭, ‬revering it as a physical manifestation of their guardian deity and bringer of life with its warm light‭.‬

The sacrifice

The day of the rupture

Until one day the heavenly voice of the Shroud vanished from the minds of her priests‭. ‬For untold times its wisdom had guided the people of Astira and the sudden silence left the people frightened‭. ‬Then the very fabric of the Shroud quivered‭. ‬It was as if‭ ‬a tremor of ancient power surged through the mystical barrier that encased their world‭.‬


The once-steady barrier‭, ‬a symbol of unwavering protection‭, ‬now pulsated erratically‭. ‬It was as if waves of energy‭, ‬like those in a stormy sea‭, ‬crashed together at a single point high up in the sky‭. ‬A hush fell over the bustling capital of Astira and all eyes turned upward‭, ‬gazing at the majestic dome above‭. ‬Fear mingled with curiosity‭, ‬hearts pounding with uncertainty‭. ‬

The waves of shudders intensified‭, ‬vibrating through the very air itself‭. ‬The sky seemed to swirl‭, ‬an ethereal dance of colors painted across the dome’s surface‭. ‬Dark hues of red and black cascaded like liquid light‭, ‬mingling with the familiar teal and purple colors of the Shroud‭. ‬And then‭, ‬in a mesmerizing display of power and vulnerability‭, ‬a tear appeared‭. ‬A jagged rift etched itself upon the Shroud’s surface‭, ‬its edges shimmering with an otherworldly glow‭. ‬It was as if a crack in reality itself had formed‭, ‬a portal to the unknown‭.‬


For the first time in millennia‭, ‬the barrier thought eternal‭, ‬had failed‭.‬

The first rupture

The Shroud must prevail

Although the first tear sealed itself in only mere moments‭, ‬the races of Astira remained immutably changed‭. ‬The once-distant horrors of the Beyond‭, ‬only known from the holy scriptures‭, ‬suddenly felt far more real and threatening‭. ‬Fear‭, ‬uncertainty‭, ‬and vulnerability washed through the lands‭. ‬The people stood frozen‭, ‬unable to fully comprehend the implications of this desaster‭.‬


The Shroud had been an unyielding shield for as long as anyone could remember‭, ‬and the races of Astira had grown complacent in their reliance on its protection‭. ‬They were blissfully unaware of the true horrors lurking just beyond its confines‭. ‬

While the preachers of the Holy Conclave managed to avoid uprisings with their preachings‭, ‬the life in Astira has lastinlgy changed‭. ‬The Shroud continued to falter and the only thing seemingly able to support its waining defenses are a steady supply of essence crystals‭. ‬The people‭, ‬once united by the protection of the Shroud‭, ‬are now divided by the increasingly escalating demand for this precious resource‭, ‬for the Shroud’s appetite for energy seems insatiable‭. ‬Once available in abundance‭, ‬essence crystals now increasingly become scarce and their prices keep escalating‭. ‬

The lifeblood of Astira

Essence is a mystical and potent form of energy that flows throughout the world of Astira‭. ‬The origin of essence is shrouded in‭ ‬mystery‭, ‬and its true source remains unknown to most inhabitants of Astira‭. ‬Some believe it to be a gift from the divine‭, ‬a manifestation of the world’s soul or the energies of creation‭. ‬Others theorize that it is a natural force that has always existed‭, ‬an inherent aspect of the universe‭.

While only a handful humans among thousands are gifted with the natural talent to draw in ambient essence‭, ‬this energy also can‭ ‬be stored in essence crystals of varying quality‭. ‬The crystals themselves are formed through the crystallisation of raw essence‭ ‬over long periods of time or by essence monsters‭, ‬that draw in the ambient energy and form crystals in and on their bodies to store the energy‭. ‬

crystal red.png
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A new order

While the wealthy and powerful revel in their opulence‭, ‬the less fortunate struggled in the shadow of their grandeur‭. ‬With the waning supply of essence crystals‭, ‬technology and with it the daily lives of Astira are faltering‭. ‬The once-gleaming essence-powered machines that had brought prosperity to Astira now sputtered and stalled‭. ‬The once bustling factories increasingly lie idle‭,‬‭ ‬replaced by a cacophony of people begging for food‭. ‬While the wealthy hoard their essence reserves‭, ‬the destitute struggled to‭ ‬survive‭.‬


In this tumultuous age of uncertainty‭, ‬the Silver Line‭, ‬once a representatory guard and symbol of the Shroud’s protection‭, ‬finds itself facing unprecedented challenges‭. ‬Tasked with not only maintaining peace within the human kingdom of Astira but also with gathering more essence crystals to sustain the weakening Shroud‭, ‬the Silver Line shoulders a heavy burden‭. ‬They must adapt to the changing circumstances and confront new threats that have arisen since the first rupture of the Shroud‭.‬

As the Shroud’s protection falters‭, ‬the people of Astira find themselves exposed to the horrors of the Beyond‭, ‬and fear grips the hearts of the once-secure populace‭. ‬The sudden silence of the Shroud’s heavenly voice leaves them vulnerable and uncertain‭. ‬The Silver Line‭, ‬once accustomed to being a symbol of unwavering protection‭, ‬now faces the challenge of maintaining order in a world where fear and uncertainty reign‭.‬


In their pursuit of essence crystals to support the Shroud’s defenses‭, ‬the Silver Line must navigate a society divided by the escalating demand for this precious resource‭.‬

City by night

The Umbral Veil rises

In the years after the first rupture and in the absence of their only known god‭, ‬a religious group known as the Umbral Veil rose‭ ‬quickly in popularity‭. ‬Believing that the weakening of the Shroud is a sign from the divine‭, ‬a consequence of the world’s imbalance caused by the excesses and corruption of the wealthy elite‭. ‬The Umbral Veil followers see themselves as advocates for the marginalized and oppressed‭, ‬preaching that only through humility‭, ‬balance‭, ‬and collective cooperation can the world be saved‭.‬


The Umbral Veil is led by charismatic and enigmatic leaders who claim to have received visions and prophecies about the impending doom and the path to salvation‭. ‬For the true believers will be delivered in a glorious afterlife‭, ‬free of the struggles of the‭ ‬mortal world‭. ‬

As the divide between the rich and poor widens‭, ‬more and more people turn to the Umbral Veil for guidance and hope‭. ‬The movement‭ ‬gains followers among the struggling masses‭, ‬who see in it a chance to challenge the oppressive system that has favored the wealthy few‭.‬

Umbral Veil Alchemist

The Umbral Veil’s rise brings with it a clash of ideologies and a struggle for power‭. ‬The established order‭, ‬represented by the affluent and influential‭, ‬views the Umbral Veil as a threat to their way of life and seeks to suppress the movement’s influence‭. ‬Most of the leader of the Umbral Veil are therefor in hiding‭, ‬planning their machinations from the underground and‭ ‬following forbidden arcane paths‭.

The protectors of balance

On the day of the rupture‭, ‬the Spirit Tree awoke and spoke to all his divine chosen with one voice‭. ‬The natural flow of essence‭ ‬had been disturbed‭, ‬be it through the rupture or another mysterious cause and the Ailur‭, ‬a race of strong and stoic giant pandas‭, ‬and the Aiyani‭ ,‬nimble and fiery red pandas‭, ‬were tasked to correct this disturbance‭. ‬Since then the divine visions grow increasingly sparse‭, ‬as the Spirit Tree is slumbering for longer and longer periods‭.‬


Guided by this divine vision from the Spirit Tree and the increasing worry for its wellbeing the Ailur Aiyani embraced their role to restore balance with a favour uncommon for their natural disposition‭. ‬Their once peaceful society now had a common new purpose—to restore the equilibrium of nature and the Spirit Tree itself‭. ‬

Chosen of the Spirit Tree Brewmaster

On their path to heal the land‭, ‬they quickly realised‭, ‬that the humans had no grasp of nature and maintaining balance‭. ‬As the human society increasingly became divided in the years after the rupture and increased their scavenging for essence crystals‭, ‬no matter the cost to nature‭, ‬the Ailur Aiyani realized that this misuse and exploitation of resources were part of the disruption‭. ‬

Since then both races have clashed on numerous times and the relationship between them is deteriorating further with every day‭. ‬The imbalance of the natural essence flow in the world has to be corrected and the Ailur Ayiani will not let anyone stop them from executing their divine mission‭.‬

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