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Enter the Shroud: Serene Sages

Serene Sages Concept Art

The Serene Sages trace their origins back to ancient times when the first Chosen of the Spirit Tree emerged, guided by the whispers of the Spirit Tree itself. Selected from the wisest and most attuned of the Ailur, these individuals undergo rigorous training under the watchful gaze of elder sages and the Spirit Tree's guidance.

Once they complete their training, Serene Sages are unparalleled among the Ailur Ayiani in their command of arcane energy, wielding it with unmatched grace and precision. But the Serene Sages are more than just warriors; they are the spiritual and magical backbone of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. Their presence on the battlefield is a beacon of hope and strength for their comrades. Off the battlefield, they serve as advisors and teachers, imparting their wisdom and ensuring the continuity of their magical traditions.

In times of peace, the Serene Sages are guardians of the Spirit Tree, performing rituals to maintain harmony between the natural world and the arcane energies that flow through it. They are deeply respected by all members of the Chosen, from the youngest acolyte to the most seasoned warrior.

The Serene Sages on the Tabletop

Serene Sages are a versatile unit on the tabletop. While primarily a support unit, they can also handle themselves in a fight.

The Serene Sages are a powerful support choice for the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. With a mere thought, Serene Sages can teleport themselves and allied units short distances, allowing them to outmaneuver enemies, launch surprise attacks, and provide swift reinforcement where needed. With a mere flick of their paws, they can disrupt enemy lines, pushing entire enemy units out of formation and creating opportunities for their allies. By channeling pure arcane energy, Serene Sages can even enable friendly troops to circumvent defense (DEF) and armor (ARM) buffs from abilities and terrain, allowing for devastating assaults on even the most fortified positions. Lastly, their essence value is also a strong aspect of their unit card, providing Chosen of the Spirit Tree army lists with much-needed red essence.

While they are not the strongest damage dealers in the faction, their abilities can easily turn the tide of battle when employed wisely. However, with a weak defensive profile and no defensive abilities to speak of, you need to be careful when exposing them to enemy attacks.

Synergy Tip

Their two support abilities "Chi Shift" and "Spirit Blades", while having a high essence cost, can be key when used in the right moment.

The Serene Sages are a very versatile unit. They can extend the threat range of a friendly unit and also evacuate them from danger defensively with their active essence ability "Chi Shift". This ability especially shines when combined with high-value units like Serene Dragons or your very Essence Weaver.

Some Chosen of the Spirit Tree lists struggle with heavily armored targets like Guardian Defiants with their ARM of 8. With the reactive ability "Spirit Blades", Serene Sages can be a key unit when trying to take down such foes.


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