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Shroudfall Chronicles: Eleanor Ravenswood, The Phantom Baroness

Concept art of "Eleanor Ravenswood, The Phantom Baroness", created by Florian Stitz

Eleanor Ravenswood is a name whispered with both contempt and trepidation throughout the Kingdom of Astira. As the charismatic owner of a string of high-end taverns and establishments across Highreach, she has established herself as a paragon of elegance and influence. Her venues, such as the opulent Golden Elm and the exotic Nightshade Lounge, are more than mere places of leisure - they are the beating heart of the city's social scene, where the elite and common folk alike find themselves entwined in a web of luxury and secrecy.

While her establishments are renowned for their impeccable service, sumptuous decor, and enchanting ambiance, it is an open secret that they offer far more than what is advertised on their gilded signboards. Behind the velvet curtains and mahogany doors, patrons can engage in clandestine deals and discreet liaisons. The entertainers, bartenders, and companions working for her are not just the lifeblood of her businesses but also her eyes and ears across the city.

Through this intricate web of informants, Eleanor collects secrets and scandals, amassing a trove of information that gives her unprecedented leverage over nearly every person of interest in Highreach. From the indiscretions of nobles to the corrupt dealings of merchants, she knows it all, and she uses this knowledge to manipulate the power dynamics of the city to her advantage.

Still, despite her immense influence and the veneer of elegance she projects, Eleanor Ravenswood is shunned by Highreach's high society for her humble origins and the less public side of her establishments. The nobility derisively refers to her as the "Harlot Baroness", a slight that she has learned to embrace, adapting this derogatory moniker for her second persona. In the shadows she is known as the Phantom Baroness, a title that commands respect and fear alike.

The Golden Elm: where Highreach's elite and common folk tangle in a web of luxury, secrecy, and power

The Phantom Baroness

Unbeknownst to many, this epithet hints at a truth deeper than anybody suspects. As a master illusionist and alchemist, Eleanor wields her formidable skills to bend reality to her will, seamlessly managing her dual personas while exerting influence over both the elite and the common folk of Highreach. With a mere flick of her wrist, she conjures phantasms so persuasive that they distort perceptions and reshape reality itself.

Now with the Umbral Veil rising, Eleanor sees an opportunity to finally take revenge on the nobility that is belittling her and to claim a true title of nobility that has always eluded her. Although allies of opportunity, Eleanor plays a crucial role in the Umbral Veil’s dark endeavor. As part of their insidious plot, the Umbral Veil has begun spreading a highly addictive substance among the citizens of Astira. This substance, derived from corrupted essence crystals, is as intoxicating as it is dangerous. Once ingested, it creates a euphoric and exhilarating effect, but over time, it ensnares its users in a crippling dependency. The addiction spreads like wildfire, further destabilizing the already tense social fabric of Astira.

Using her network of taverns and informants, she ensures the substance reaches the city's influential circles and common folk alike. The resulting chaos serves the Umbral Veil's purpose, as the masses become increasingly unruly and desperate, pushing the kingdom closer to collapse.

Publicly, Mistress Eleanor Ravenswood remains the epitome of grace and charm, but behind her captivating smile lies a mind as sharp as a dagger, a woman who plays the long game with a hand full of aces.


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