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Rules focus: The Chosen of the Spirit Tree

The Chosen of the Spirit Tree are a faction deeply connected to nature and its flowing essence. While the Ailur, strong and stoic giant pandas, channel this energy into their Chi, the Aiyani, nimble and fiery red pandas, excel in harnessing the power of natural elements. On the battlefield, the Chosen of the Spirit Tree embody a dual nature. The Ailur represent steady tenacity and martial prowess, while the Aiyani are nimble and wield powerful elemental magic to manipulate the battlefield and disrupt enemy forces.

Balance Between Discord and Harmony

The playstyle of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree revolves around a constant shift between Discord and Harmony. When units with the DISCORD keyword alternate activation with units having the HARMONY keyword, they enter an “Attuned” state. In this state, the Chosen of the Spirit Tree become one with nature, performing incredible arcane feats. Mastering this ebb and flow between Discord and Harmony is key to unlocking the faction's full potential.

Chosen of the Spirit Tree Attuned Ability
The Chosen of the Spirit Tree, while capable fighters, truly shine when they attune to the flow of nature.


Forest Guardian’s Blessing

When fighting near areas with a strong nature affinity, such as forests, the Chosen of the Spirit Tree can draw on the surrounding natural energy. If a Chosen of the Spirit Tree unit ends its activation within a forest terrain feature, it can remove one point of damage. Alternatively, when charging out of a forest, the unit can harness a sliver of grey essence to enhance its attack.


Restoring Balance

Though the Chosen of the Spirit Tree are willing to fight for their beliefs, they prefer to win with minimal bloodshed. Many of their abilities disrupt enemy movement or deny access to key battlefield areas. They excel at pushing enemy models into suboptimal locations, clearing strategically important areas and maintaining battlefield control.

The Chosen of the Spirit Tree use their abilities and especially their manifestations to strategically control the battlefield, minimising bloodshed.


By understanding and mastering the duality of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree, players can effectively harness their unique abilities to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Balancing the power of Discord and Harmony, drawing strength from nature, and strategically disrupting the enemy will lead to a victorious and harmonious gameplay experience.

Have a look at their faction page for further information or directly check out their unit cards under Rules & Resources.




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