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The First Servant of the Spirit Tree holds a special position, even among the chosen few of the Spirit Tree. The Servant is in constant communication with the Spirit Tree, receiving divine guidance and missions to ensure the balance of the natural world. As a paragon of martial prowess and spiritual power, the First Servant acts as emissary for the wishes of Spirit Tree.

In the eyes of the Chosen, the First Servant is not only a peerless warrior but a guiding light, embodying the balance between strength, agility, and endurance. His presence on the battlefield and within the community serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring his people to unite as one with nature and the Spirit Tree. Under his leadership, the Chosen stand resolute, forever dedicated to preserving the sacred bond between their world and the realm of spirits.

    First Servant of the Spirit Tree (Chosen of the Spirit Tree)

    € 34,90Price
    VAT Included |
    • Product contains:

      • 1 x First servant of the Spirit Tree resin model (1 pose)
      • 1 x 50mm base

      Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly and painting. Models shown are not to scale and may vary from actual contents. Models shown on cover include digital render. Actual models in box max vary.

      Use superglue for assembly.

    • This product is not a toy. Intended for ages 16 and up. Model kit for hobbyists and collectors.

      Contains sharp and small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

      Be aware that resin dust from sanding is hazardous. Products are manufactured with 3D-printed resin. Always wear an N95 respirator while sanding resin.

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