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Mastering the ancient art of brewing, the Brewmasters craft beverages that are more than just elixirs; they are potions of camaraderie and vitality. Deep within hidden bamboo groves, these skillful artisans concoct drinks that resonate with the very essence of their surroundings. Bamboo nectar, mystical herbs, and secret ingredients known only to the Brewmasters infuse each brew with the power to uplift the spirits of even the weariest panda warrior.

During times of peace and celebration, the Brewmasters organize grand feasts, fostering a sense of community among the Ailur and Aiyani. Yet, when the drums of war echo through the forests, the Brewmasters become indispensable, ensuring that their warriors head into battle with a heart full of courage and a belly warmed by their best beverages

Brewmaster (Chosen of the Spirit Tree)

€ 29,90Price
VAT Included |
  • Product contains:

    • 1 x Brewmaster resin models (1 pose)
    • 1 x The good stuff manifestation model (1pose)
    • 1 x 40mm base
    • 1 x 32mm base

    Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly and painting. Models shown are not to scale and may vary from actual contents. Models shown on cover include digital render. Actual models in box max vary.

    Use superglue for assembly.

  • This product is not a toy. Intended for ages 16 and up. Model kit for hobbyists and collectors.

    Contains sharp and small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Be aware that resin dust from sanding is hazardous. Products are manufactured with 3D-printed resin. Always wear an N95 respirator while sanding resin.

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