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The game of Shroudfall

Shroudfall is a tabletop wargame that is focused on providing an exciting skirmish level battle experience‭. ‬Players field warbands‭, ‬led by powerful Essence Weavers‭, ‬to compete with their opponents and battle for control of the arcane resource Essence.‬


The world of Shroudfall

Never faltering‭, ‬never showing the slightest weakness‭, ‬the Shroud has stood as unwavering protector against the horrors of the Beyond for untold time‭. ‬Until the day of the First Rupture, when ‬the barrier‭, ‬thought eternal‭ failed‭ for the first time ...

The factions of Shroudfall

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Who are the Gamebreakers?

"To break the game"

Commonly used in tabletop games to describe strategies or tactics so powerful that they can't be countered.

Or as we see it: A chance to improve a game step by step.

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