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Shroudfall Chronicles: Rising Shadows

In the dimly lit study of Count Adamant, shadows danced upon the walls as he clutched the unsettling report from Lieutenant Voss. It was but one among a series of chilling accounts, each leaving a trail of unanswered questions in their wake. The origins of these attacks remained elusive, shrouded in mystery and dread.

With a heavy heart, Count Adamant pushed himself from his chair, the weight of responsibility bearing down upon him. Plans and schemes swirled within his mind, a labyrinth of strategies to unravel the enigma that gripped Highreach.

"Summon Stormridge," he commanded his guard, urgency lacing his words. Within moments, the stalwart Captain of the Silver Line stood before him, a beacon of loyalty and determination.

"Delve into these incidents. Discover the nature of the darkness that plagues our city, and eradicate it by any means necessary." With a softer tone, he added, "And tread carefully, Katheryn. Something feels amiss."

His gaze shifted to the death report resting beneath Voss's account, a grim reminder of the toll exacted by the malevolent forces at play. Beneath his breath, he muttered, "We have already lost too many lives to this insidious evil."


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